LowLand Liquid Art

Our Cocktails

Our high-end ready-to-drink Cocktails are indistinguishable from a freshly made one. The recipes are our own and we are proud to serve you something you never had before. The unique flavour comes from fresh juices combined with ingredients that enhance their flavours – a real cocktail but then in a can!

Cherry Lemon Maple

Fresh cherries mixed with a refreshing splash of lemon and a touch of Canadian maple. This to-go cocktail can be enjoyed at any time, anywhere. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Fresh lemon juice, vodka, cherry juice (from concentrate), carbonated water, maple syrup, citric & malic acid, potassium sorbate, salt

Strawberry Vanilla Lime

This sparkling vodka cocktail is juicy at first, with a refreshing citrus finish. Perfectly balanced to create a flavor you never had before. Ready-to-drink whenever you are.

Ingredients: Organic strawberry juice, vodka, fresh lime juice, carbonated water, vanilla (natural flavor), sugar syrup, potassium sorbate, salt