LowLand Liquid Art

Easy to Serve.
Any Time.


Our recipes are our own, therefore our cocktails are unique and cannot be found elsewhere. We are proud to serve you something you have never had before.


All our juices are fresh. This is why we can deliver cocktail bar quality to your home.


Our libation is made in Calgary, Alberta. Independent and local, just like you.


Our Ready-To-Drink Cocktails are indistinguishable from a freshly made one. They are full of juicy flavour and not watered down. Try yourself!

“It’s SO good. We loved the sample, had to have it!”

Alberta Beer Exchange, Calgary


Collective Craft Beer, Calgary

“We love your drinks!”

Beer Den, Cochrane

“No joke, this was the best cocktail I have ever had. My two favourite flavours are strawberry and vanilla and the lime gives the perfect amount of acidity while still being sweet with no sterile aftertaste that most vodka cocktails leave with you.”

Katrina, Calgary

    Please drink responsibly